print installations

Installation, exhibition,  How to Capture Flow,  January 2018.

Installation, exhibition, How to Capture Flow, January 2018.

HTCF_cactus flower_installation_4.jpg
HTCF_cactus flower_installation_3.jpg


Study No. 1 (succulent bloom), 2018 with dried banana leaf and lotus blossoms.

HTCF_chlorophyll print_3_detail_4.jpg


Chlorophyll print on preserved tropical leaf, exhibition How to Capture Flow (Fondation des États-Unis, Paris, 2019). Below the plexiglass (2 x 3m) anthotypes, monotype prints, offset lithography prints and preserved leaves from the tropical greenhouses of the Jardin des Plantes, Paris, France.

HTCF_chlorophyll print_detail_5.jpg
HTCF_chlorophyll print_detail_2.jpg
HTCF_chlorophyll print_detail.jpg
HTCF_chlorophyll print_detail_13.jpg
HTCF_chlorophyll print_detail_14.jpg
HTCF_chloropyll print_2_detail_2.jpg


Installation of chlorophyll print, giant aracae leaf, and photoetchings. Left: beginng of the exhibition, right : end of the exhibition, after natural decay