EN: 2018. Cyanotypes, solarfast prints, screen prints and monotypes of microscopic images of basalt and the brain (rat hippocampal neurons, courtesy of Maria Joana Pinto, PhD and the human cerebellum), and photos taken by the artist of stalactites in the Gouffre de Padirac and Grotte de Clamouse (2 grottos in the south of France) and at an abandoned copper refinery in Inujima, Ja-pan. Japanese iwa enogu (crushed glass) pigments, French and Italian natural pigments, and linseed oil on canvas. 130cm x 97cm

FR: 2018. Cyanotypes, tirages solarfast, monotypes et sérigraphies (à motif des dessins aux bactéries E coli de l’artiste, photographies aériennes des paysages détruits par l’homme (Hiroshima après la bombe nucléaire, mine Rio Tinto, Espagne…), photographies microscopiques du cerveau humain (synapses, cellules gliales), et photographies prises par l’artiste des affineries de cuivre et du paysage japonais), 130cm x 97cm.

HTCF_stalactificial_installation shot_3.jpg
HTCF_stalactificial_installation shot_4.jpg

Installation shots of Stalactificial with the processes that generated it: under plexiglass tiles (2m x 1m) placed as a continuation of the painting on the floor before it, lie photoetchings, cyanotypes and solarfast prints and the negatives used to produce them. The images include basalt viewed under a polarized microscope and macroscopic photographs of stalactites in the Grotte de Clamouse, France, which inspired the composition and colors of the piece. Other microscopic images of polymer crystals breaking, Icelandic landscapes (Myvátn), cactus flowers and abalone shells, and aerial images of river networks and polution in the Rio Tinto mine, Spain (courtesy J Henry Fair).